W3DO - the revolutionary

W3DO – independent, intelligent development of the future – a versatile tool for creating 3D-animations and augmented reality content that does not require the use of external service providers or additional costs.

Project description

Target group

Companies, educational institutions, agencies, private individuals


AR-editor, AR-viewer app


Smartphones, tablets, PCs

About W3DO

W3DO allows impressive high-quality, visual content to be created in-house, ensuring full control of the process and the ability to customize at no additional cost.

The independent creation of 3D animations and AR-content with W3DO not only offers cost savings, but also more flexibility to be able to react quickly to changing requirements and customer wishes.

W3DO also provides an intuitive way to create AR content that can be viewed on mobile devices using the innovative W3DO-file format.

W3DO in maintenance

W3DO opens up unique opportunities for you in the area of technology training and service.
For example, W3DO can be used to demonstrate the process of cleaning a coffee machine.

W3DO in sales

The easy and user-friendly handling of W3DO enables the presentation of technical products with large dimensions or intricate designs that are difficult to display due to their size or complexity.

W3DO in the educational sphere

For educational institutions, using W3DO means increasing the quality of education and more efficient learning. For students it offers a more interesting and interactive learning experience, helping to better understand the subject matter and develop skills.

W3DO in medicine

Human organ presentations in W3DO can help improve medical education, patient care, scientific research, and the general understanding of health and human anatomy.

W3DO in training

Our technologies give your employees access to important information and training materials in real time, which is undoubtedly beneficial for both companies and their employees.

W3DO in 3D-printing

W3DO allows 3D-printer owners to visualize their future projects in real time. This makes it possible to actually see the final product in its future use environment and thus make more informed decisions.

W3DO in Geography

The use of 3D-maps and 3D-terrain images in mountainous areas in augmented reality provides unique opportunities for navigation, research, education and tourism, contributing to the safety and enrichment of experiences.

W3DO in action

Some application examples in short videos

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