VR training
Logistics -
The virtual
packing station

The VR training virtual packing station offers the opportunity to get to know and train the processes in logistics centre.

Project description

Target group

Logistics companies, HR departments


training application


Virtual Reality, VR glasses

About VR Packstation

Our VR Packstation is a virtual training application that can be used to train real work processes in logistics centers.

This application can be easily customized for your individual business case. Is your company active in a different industry? Do you have other training content? No problem. Contact us. The virtual reality training for the logistics industry that we have already developed can be expanded and changed at any time.
Written training instructions
The written instructions help you learn the scanning and packaging process correctly step by step.
VR controller
With the help of the controller, the user can pick up, view and scan the objects in the virtual reality environment.
Virtual conveyor belt
The packages pass by on the conveyor belt and the user can grab them.
Status of the package
The virtual screen shows what is in the package and what has already been successfully scanned.
Training evaluation
At the end of the VR training, a written evaluation of the training results takes place. (time required and error rate)

W3DO in action

Some application examples in short videos

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