VR Training - Welding

The VR training welding for employees in production is a virtual application that can be used to simulate a welder’s work processes using VR glasses.

Project description

Target group

Craft businesses, training centers, HR departments


VR application


Virtual reality, VR glasses

About VR Training Welding

With the VR welding training, we have developed a virtual training that gives employees in a welding company the opportunity to rehearse work processes or also helps with personnel selection. It is possible to test the user’s qualifications without a real production facility.

We can develop this type of virtual reality training according to your specifications for any company in production and crafts. You determine the level of reality of the machines, tools, rooms and work steps. Also discover our VR training Virtual Packstation.

Virtual workshop

The VR welding training recreates a workshop in which a user can virtually train and demonstrate their welding skills.

Employee qualification

The VR tool serves our customer as an employee qualification tool. The weld seam made by the participant can be used to determine its suitability for the job.

Video VR Training Welding

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