High Voltage! WAY Engineering manages development project of HV storage units for Tier 1 supplier SVOLT.

For the Tier1 supplier SVOLT, our engineering team accompanies the development process of HV storage systems for vehicles. “The entire handling of this project is in our hands,” says Michael Meier, team leader and engineering specialist at the WAY Group. “We are proud to manage such a challenging and innovative project for our customer and have many experts from different fields board for this.”

The WAY Engineering team is responsible for opening the battery modules and replacing the hardware in the opened battery. “The work in this project requires a lot of technical know-how and tact,” knows Michael Meier, who has been involved in the project from the beginning. In addition to the project organization, many sub-steps are necessary in order to be able to successfully hand over the vehicles to the specialist departments at the end. We organize the vehicles in coordination with the specialist departments. Then comes the actual work – opening and checking the battery and replacing the control units and cooling and cable lines. The vehicles are modernized and ultimately handed back to the specialist departments. The WAY engineering team is the interface between supplier and manufacturer (BMW).

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