Employee leasing – Or the desire for variety.

Employee leasing, is that something for me? You may be asking yourself. But what exactly is employee leasing anyway? Does it make sense for me? Does it have potential or is it just a short-term thing?

Many questions that we answer here.

In a temporary employment agency, you are employed by a company that has permission from the Federal Employment Agency to hire out employees. In this case, you as an employee are leased to a hirer for a limited period of time in order to perform work there according to your qualifications. As a temporary worker, you are in an employment relationship with the lender and have the classic employee rights.

Often employees are loaned out to cover peaks, to compensate for sick leave or to fall back on the network of the user company in the event of staff shortages. In this way, it is possible to react to cyclical conditions at an early stage. This concept represents a perspective for jobseekers in particular – almost 1/5 of all employees in temporary staffing had no previous employment relationship. (Source: Employment Agency)

An employment contract is negotiated individually, but there are still guarantees such as “equal pay” and “equal treatment”, which ensure equal treatment of permanent and temporary employees. In addition, the maximum temporary employment period is 18 months, unless the hirer has special collective or company agreements.


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