5 years in the name of safety – WAY Group launches giant development project for BMW.

Recently the first kick-off for the current TPMS project with BMW-AG took place for WAY Engineering in a large circle. We won the tender for this exciting development project and are just proud to be part of the TPMS development at BMW-AG for the next 5 years. On the product side, the project includes all BMW derivatives, all Rolls Royce models, BMW M GmbH vehicles and all company vehicles. At the start of the project, we specially rented a workshop property in Munich Milbertshofen. “We have enough capacity there for test setups and conversions on prototypes,” Michael Meier, team leader of WAY Engineering, proudly reports. 

Our task lies in the tests and approvals, and the testing in Germany and abroad as well as virtually on the HIL test benches. The direct coordination with suppliers, the implementation of the ABK (display operating concept) regarding design, layout, validation and release are also part of it. Our team also responsibly takes care of the tickets issued by the Octane fault analysis tool and manages the sub-project through our experienced project managers.