XRt - Tactic Metaverse.

In-house development for tactics planning and analysis of professional soccer clubs.

business sector

software development




Training applications and learning games

Project description.

Target group

Coaches, tactics trainers and players in professional soccer

Development Objective

realistic, location and platform independent tactics analysis - and training.

Product and Features

Software for virtual 3D tactical analysis of original Bundesliga games.

About XRt - Tactic Metaverse

In-house development for tactical planning and analysis of professional football clubs.

About WAY Digital Solutions

Our team of developers at WAY Digital Solutions develops innovative software products using mixed reality technology to create immersive user experiences. Our software products are tailored exactly to the needs of our customers.

Original games of the German Bundesliga

Recorded position data of players and ball allow a complete re-enactment and three-dimensional view of original German Bundesliga matches in virtual space.

What is Tactic Metaverse?

The XRt - Tactic Metaverse is an in-house development of WAY Digital Solutions for tactical planning and analysis of professional soccer clubs. Communication features, risk and chance evaluations, as well as various real-time diagrams support the analysis of match situations at any time.

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